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AWS Certified Welders

We provide quality welding & fabrication services, and FREE Estimates.

 We offer custom, ornamental, economical, and/or structural work. We use steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, and a variety of finishes like primer, rust prevention paint, and powder coating. We service both residential and commercial customers and no job is too big or too small.

New, repair, refinish, and restoration.


Aluminum Railings
Railings, Fencing, and Gates

We offer a wide variety of railings, fences, and gates.

We can do custom railings, with the design of your choice (we can help you design them, and even provide a drawing of how they will look).... Or if you'e looking for something more economical we can do that too, with a standard design.

Railings can be made with steel or aluminum, with a variety of finishes.

Railings and fences can be made for staircases, porches, balconies, privacy, and even the perimeter of your property. We provide handy-cap railings, as well. 

We can provide you with assortment of gates like, rolling and swinging gates, with different types of locking and closing mechanisms.

All of our work is dont to local and state codes. Which usually means a minimum of 36" high for staircases and and 42" high for straight rails or fences.

Cellar Basement Door
Services 2. Cellar/Basement & Bilco Doors,


It is very important that cellar and bilco doors are done right and are in good & safe working order: if not it can cause water damage due to leaks, or safety hazards since they are usually located on sidewalks where pedestrians walk everyday.


We fabricate and install both! We make sure they are sturdy, secure, and leak proof. We use steel diamond plate usually 3/16" thick with angle framing. We make sure they open and close correctly. They can be made with aluminum as well.

Aluminum Window Guards
Services 3. Security Doors & Window Guards

Safety and Security for both your home and business is essential. We can help you secure both. We fabricate window guards and security doors in both steel and aluminum. We provide basic, economical, designs, as well as, custom and ornamental designs. They can be primed and painted or oven baked. There are a variety of designs, locking mechanisms, and even hinges to choose from.

Window guards can be stationary, they can open and lock (in case of an emergency), and even be made to go around your AC unit.

Steel Staircase and platform

Services 4. Fire Escapes, Staircases, Platforms, Decks, & Structural Work


Fire Escapes: We can fabricate and install new fire escapes or repair, refinish, and maintain existing ones. Either way this kind of work usually requires a permit from your local city or town (which we can take care of for you) and architectural plans (we also work with quite a few architects). We are well aware of all state and local codes regarding fire escapes, and strictly adhere to them. We will be there to handle all inspections by your town official and make sure all of work passes inspection.

Staircases: We offer a wide variety of staircases for both indoor and outdoor use. We can provide the framing for concrete steps, or fabricate and install steel staircases. They can be any number or kind of step, include platforms and  wrap arounds. We even do spiral stairs. We also offer repair services for existing steps and staircases.

Platforms, Decks, & Balconies: We can fabricate and install a new deck for your yard, a carport for your vehicles, and balconies for your house, and repair them as well. You tell us how you want it done, and we will make it happen.

Structural Work: We do beam work, columns, and extensions as well.

Dumpster & Truck Repair: We also repair dumpsters, containers, and Truck beds.

Aluminum Railings

Services 5. Finishes: Painting, Powder Coating, & Galvanizing


Priming & Painting:  We use primer and rust prevention paint. If you are looking for something more economical this is the way to go. After fabricating your product, we prime it, then we apply several coats of paint using an air gun. You can shoose from a variety of colors for your finished product.


Powder Coating: Powder coating is the best option if you dont want to do maintanance on your product (scraping and repainting). After your product is fabricated, it is sand blasted, powder coated, and oven baked to the color of your choosing. It is a bit more costly but well worth it.


Galvanizing: This option is best for structural work, or steel staircases that are prone to wear and tear due to weather and salt. After fabrication the steel is hot dipped galvanized, which prevents erosion.

Steel is more econimal and heavy, but usually requires maintanances while aluminum is light weight, a bit more costly, but very low, if any, maintanance is required.


New Steel Truck container and bed

Services 6. Auto, Trucks, & Custom Work


Auto:  We can weld mufflers, and refit bumper bars.


Trucks: We can fabricate and install racks and truckbeds customized to your preferences for your truck and pickup. We can also repair ramps and beds. 


Custom: We can do custom steel and aluminum work for you auto project. Whether its aluminum flooring, or steel framing. Check out our Auto & Custom page to see some projects that we have done for HQ Custom Designs

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